My earliest memory  that sparked my interest in  this field was when i was around 5 years old. My Aunt who has been an event planner for now over 30 years allowed me to accompany her on one of the weddings she was doing. I remember peeping out of the kitchen door into the crowd of what seemed to be millions of people ( about 300) and watching them all dance and smile all over the place. As i watched it all in amazement my eyes fixated on this sparkly ornate headpiece and tulle veil nestled in the center of the crowd  ( Yes! This was in the 90s).  I remember struggling to get an entire view  of her beaded puff sleeves and satin ball gown. As people began to spread out,  i watched her as she danced with 2 flower girls around the same age as I , at this point i was entirely out of the kitchen smiling from ear to ear. Before I knew it she made eye contact with me and invited  me onto the dance floor, we danced and danced it was one of the happiest moments from my childhood memories! From that day on i was hooked, i would then accompany my aunt on shopping trips, watch her create big gorgeous centerpieces,  help her organize all of the linens and she would even allow me to help decorate on the day of the events.

Fast forward to about 17/ 18 years old, I am now a senior in high school  in New York City and just trying to figure it all out. One of my mom's friends were getting married and i felt as though this was the prime opportunity to try my hand at my first wedding by myself! I mean hey I did  have over 13 years experience! (lol)  So I came up with a decor plan and pitched it to her and she said YES, well... yes to me decorating the Ceremony space only,  but it was still a yes!  My mom assisted me as I nervously prepared for my first wedding ever!   I decorated the Ceremony space and even assisted the photographer in showing them where to pose and find "good lighting"  in Full Wedding Planner mode it all  just came so natural to me.  I WAS  truly born to do this. From that day on I decided to take this seriously and began to closely work with my Aunt as she began to give me total control over the decor services for her business. Over the next 8 years I learned the ins and outs  of the business and had the "talk" with my Aunt and my mom.  It was time for me to carry on the legacy and walk in the path of my destiny, I was ready!


In 2014, I decided to create my business and give it my all! This company was built off of true passion and  LOVE! I share this story to all of my staff and charge them to put their all into  every encounter down to every detail , we seek after that same smile and glow that I saw on that brides face at the age of 5!  And we look forward to creating unforgettable memories for you!