Aura Chatman Events & Design

provides exclusive

Event Management, floral design and event production services. Our way of adding personal touches comes straight from the hearts of our clients. It's not about replicating a style but exploring ideas and planning an unforgettable experience. 

It is being there for you when you are doubtful of a final decision, pinning a boutonniere on a nervous groom and reassuring him that everything is  going to be ok! Its that moment when we watch from a distance  the glow of  marital bliss between the bride and groom as they partake in their first dance as husband and wife , ITS the moment when the bride wipes the tears off of her father's face as he stands in front of his  once little girl who is NOW WOMAN.  It's even that  look on a mother's face as she see's her daughter walk into her Sweet Sixteen bubbling over with excitement!  It's the timeless love shown between a couple celebrating

their Wedding Anniversary. Its also the couple that is about to Celebrate the Gift of Life at their Baby Shower.

It is all of these moments and  much  more  that  warm our hearts and fills us with gratitude,  knowing that we played  a part of  one of the most memorable days of YOUR life.  

We do it all for YOU!

From Day 1 Aura was Great! Communication was no issue at all as she was on top of every detail. She made sure my wife and  I were attended too. Thank you Aura and team for making our night one to remember.




Tel:  980.288.8117

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